Gems that help us during pregnancy and childbirth

November 04, 2020

אבני חן, קריסטלים, תכשיטים,,בלוג,שרשרת,צמיד, קולר, לאישה, אגת, מונסוטון, חלום  הריון

Use of crystals before pregnancy

In the past, ruby ​​stone was used in its ability to help absorb pregnancy and maintain pregnancy.
It is a stone of physical, emotional and financial stability.
A stone of strength and vigor that affects the base chakra area.
Many women who carried the ruby ​​soon became pregnant.
Women who have long been unable to conceive, however, it is important to listen to intuition. The cause of difficulty in getting pregnant, like any other problem, differs from woman to woman and therefore not everyone will fit the same stone. Although Ruby has helped many women, her degree of assistance is related to the source of the problem. For example, if the problem is related to hormones, it is recommended to combine with the ruby ​​a stone related to hormonal balance -Monstow Or black onyx.
If there is a problem related to the gynecological system, it is recommended to carryCriscola, A stone associated with the female system to which many women are intuitively drawn.

In order to enjoy the effect of the stones, it is important that they are close to the body. Not enough to put in a bag. The stone should be placed on the body. 

Use of crystals during pregnancy
The ruby ​​maintains a normal pregnancy and causes the fetus to move.

In conclusion during pregnancy it is recommended to carry on the body or place under a pillow: ruby, chrysocolla and moonstone.

Use of crystals during childbirth
In the past they used to recommend holding a ruby ​​at birth. Even today, among the ultra-Orthodox population, the ruby ​​is a stone of stability, it maintains pregnancy,

Crisocola - the female stone associated with the gynecological system.
Crisocola is much softer and smoother than ruby.
Her appearance gives a sense of peace and flow and she is of course also connected to our female system.
Women are advised to carry the ruby ​​before and during pregnancy and the crisocola during and after childbirth.

Use of crystals after birth
For the mother’s recovery, it is recommended on the crisocola alongside the moonstoneAnd the rose quartz.
Crisocola can help heal the stitches if any.
The moonstone can help with hormonal balance
And rose quartz for self-love and reinforcement.
The Carnelian can be added to vigor and energy.

Use of crystals for baby.
Amethyst, Citrine, Rosequartz and Blue Lace Agate on the crib.
. The Amethyst for Calmness, Peace and Good Sleep,
Citrine for ease of abdominal adjustment,
Rose quartz for self-love
And Blue Lace Agate for calm and flowing communication with the mother and the environment.

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