Yafit Kimhi
.Mon RêveMy dream
,I believe that each of us should always follow his dreams.
In each of us there are many tools that he faces for raising his highest self and different channels for self-discovery.
.Gemstones are one of the options available to us to assist us in this
I started my original jewelry brand based on my love of gemstones, yoga and music from
.An idea to respect yourself and your surroundings, while maintaining authenticity in every aspect
My love of gemstones opened up new aspects of me that I didn't know existed inside me and so, I began
.Make jewelry for each day
It didn't take long before I started making jewelry for others who liked what they saw and what
.I created - and asked me to design jewellery for them
.Each piece of jewelry is handmade - without the use of machinery or mass production
.The gemstones are used to encourage spiritual healing powers
.Jewelry design is done in this to activate the connection between body and soul
All my works are shaped by thought, care and deep spiritual connection; With the intention of affecting you
.Best. And of course, manufactured with the highest quality raw material
With love