The jewelry

Custom jewelry can be ordered
: We will be happy to help and more information can be contacted
Or on WhatsApp 0547-994661 By email

The raw materials from which the jewelry is made
Pure silver 925
Gold coating
Pure silver in 14ct gold plating
14ct pure gold (18ct can also be ordered)
Natural gems

.Production time for items made of silver, gold filled and gold plated is up to 7 business days *
.14ct pure gold is 21 business days, before shipment *
Other items will be shipped between 3-10 business days *

Repairs and warranty
The jewelry is handmade with love and while maintaining the highest quality raw material

Follow the instructions to keep the jewelry so that they are shiny and colorful

One year warranty valid with receipt for repairable damage *
The warranty is valid for reasonable use of the item and includes any manufacturing defect *
The warranty does not include breakage, tearing, blows, scratches, unnatural*
The responsibility is not for the loss of the jewelry and / or part of it*
After one year, we offer repair service and additional coatings*
If necessary, a token payment with no time limit For any questions regarding re-coating and / or repairs, please contact us at
Or on WhatsApp 0547-994661

How to keep jewelry

A: Keep the jewelry, and do not wear it
During sports activities
Shower, water
Away from various cosmetics
Contact with chlorine / pool and sea which may damage the luster and expected of the jewel

It is advisable not to store gold-filled jewelry and money together or with other types of jewelry in order to preserve *
The metals
It is advisable to keep the jewelry packed and not open in the air when not in use*

Tips for cleaning your jewelry at home

925 silver
High-quality metal that lasts for a long time, however it may have body acidity, salts and chemicals
Various may cause yellowing or blackening of the money
Silver reacts differently to a variety of different skin types, body acidity may affect the speed of the oxidation process

:With proper care the items can be maintained
Once a period, the jewelry can be soaked for 24 hours in warm water with dishwashing liquid *
.Then rinse and dry well
There are different materials for cleaning pure silver*

Clean with a soft, damp cloth*
Can be cleaned with soap and water once a period*

Gold plating / silver plating
In order to return the shine to the coated piece of jewelry and clean it *
For dirt, use a soft, dry cloth