Stone Selection by Month of Birth

November 17, 2020

אבני חן, קריסטלים, תכשיטים,,בלוג,שרשרת,צמיד, קולר, לאישה, אגת, מונסוטון, חלום

A lot of times I come across the question of which stone in jewelry I should choose.

:There are several options

To choose from the initial natural attraction when we see the stone.

To choose according to necessity or meaning that we want to receive from the stone.

To choose the stone by the month of birth.

Choose the stone by luck from the zodiac.


Most importantly, and what I always recommend is to choose according to your initial connection or attraction to the stone of Badak, there is a reason that we were drawn to the stone, and only after we read and discover more about the stone do we understand why we were attracted to it.
We are drawn according to what suits us and reciprocity together with our bodies.

Stones from nature have properties that empower those who hold the stone, fill it with energy and make it connect to the forces hidden within it

In this blog I will write about choosing a stone according to the month of birth

Choosing a stone according to the month you were born

Some people find it easier to choose a stone by the month they were born.

12 stones were adjusted according to the 12 months of the year and are called birthstones / birthstones.

The birthstones are based on a mystical force according to which each stone has vibration or strength at a certain time of year. The gemstone with the highest vibration in a certain month Is the stone belonging to the month

The birthstone gives those born that month special energies.  It is customary to give birth stones as a gift in jewelry so that the good energies will accompany the person who wears the jewelry

Every month there are several stones that suit him.

:List of Stones by Months

January- Birthstone Grant. Alternative Rose Quartz

February: BirthstoneAmtis. Onyx alternative

March:Aquamarine birthstone. Jasper Alternative

April-A diamond birthstone. Quartz alternative

May:Emerald birthstone. Alternative Charisopress

June- Pearl birthstone. Moonstone Alternative

JulyRuby birthstone.  Jade Alternative

August- Sapphire birthstone.  Alternative Aventurin

September: Birthstone Sapir. Alternative to Apis

 October- Opal birthstone.  Tourmaline alternative

 November:Citrine birthstone. Turquoise alternative

 December- Turquoise birthstone. Alternative to Apis

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