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December 03, 2020

כיף שמחה,אושר אהבה תכשיטים אנרגיה טובה

What fun to get up in the morning when everything is flowing, feels wonderful and there is a sense that we can achieve everything we set for ourselves

Sometimes there is the feeling that it is only in others and maybe something in us does not work out

So it's not - we are all human beings with the same feelings, thoughts, desires and days that everything flows more or less

Many times I get questions how can it be that you can smile a lot, be positive and everything flows?
So I too like you with more or less pleasant days. The question is what to choose to do with it.

This guide will give you ideas for things that can be done on a daily basis to improve energy and that it will continue every day of the week

I know, you tell me I do not have time, I'm busy
 😊 And I really understand you, me too
The things I will offer here take just a few minutes and are really easy to apply, enough to start doing one thing a day for the week to flow well for us

I guess you've heard of it before, you probably thought there was no chance, I had no patience, did not seem effective
Meditation is an amazing habit that significantly improves our lifestyle. There are lots of studies today that prove the effectiveness
:} (Start the day even for a minute (can be found
Close your eyes and concentrate on the breath, that's all, follow her
After a minute, open your eyes - see how you feel

Of course you can delve deeper into this and further guide how to use this amazing tool. For a thin start it's amazing to try, of course if you feel you can last longer, you're welcome
In another post I will write more about it

Look in the mirror and smile
Yes yes, look in the mirror in the morning, smile even if it is not really - slowly it will start to seep into the whole body even if you do not mean it
Add a few words to yourself, look and parry. You will receive who you are
Hug yourself
All of these things will give you an amazing feeling. What fun it is all of a sudden

Organize the house
When our environment is tidy and clean even inside we have peace and it makes us feel good even if we do not notice or feel. Our frequency varies on its own and adjusts itself
It does not matter if it is your bedroom, living room or office, make sure you are comfortable - it is better in the morning before the whole schedule begins. It really arranges our day
An example that can help you - in my bedroom the bedding is always light for a relaxing feeling. There is a diffuser, candles
I keep the room as clean as possible. Let there be a sense of calm every night before I go to bed

Light a fragrant candle
How I love it, almost every day I have candles lit for hours. The feeling it creates is simply amazing
The whole house is filled with a pleasant and delicate scent that creeps into all the rooms. Arouses a sense of peace and a smile

Diffuser with essential oils
If you do not feel like a candle, you can also use essential oils, with a humidifier-diffuser
There are a variety of essential oils, it is important to buy the highest quality from natural ingredients
It is basically different herbal mixtures that can work on different levels and help us. There are oils for relaxation, serenity, cooling, strengthening the immune system and many other things we want
No matter what we choose - the space we will stay in will be spread with an amazing scent and will do the job without us feeling it

Body care
Important Important Important
Get up in the morning, after the shower, apply moisturizer on the face, body lotion
Wear what you will be comfortable with and not what the company around you is asking of you. You're with it all day
Wear jewelry that will do you good

For me it's jewelry with the energy stones so I chose to create it - so that it will feel good to other people even if it is not understood where it comes from, it will just be there
Take care of our body that serves us so much
Have you ever thought about that? Stop and look at it, yes thank your body that gets up every day and responds to every action you do.

Thank you for what you had today
At the end of the day before you go to bed You can write on a page and even if you are not enough, when you go to bed, scan the day that was, say and thank yourself for the small victories that were today even if you think they were not. There is always. Here are some examples

Did you get up in the morning? Did you eat ? You could not do anything - great now you have learned something from it and you can apply it in any direction you choose. And I can bring you lots more examples. But it seems to me that you understood.


If you stay with me until now, I will stop for a moment because there are so many more things I can write and recommend
Read a page you love, flowers, eat healthy, yoga, talk to a friend / family member who does you good and more

And I will say that no matter what you choose, note that each of the sections I wrote down takes a minute or two.

Start applying one thing each day, you will suddenly see that it becomes part of your daily routine

Do not forget that it is okay to be in a different mood, and not always smile. We are like waves - rising and falling. It is important to remember that in each subsequent depression a tide will come

Feel free to share with me what you did and how it feels


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