Wrestling rocks-the ones with rose quartz and aquamarin

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* 8 mm quartz stones.
* Acomarine is 6 feet tall.
* strand handmade by silk thread
* 108 stones in conjunction with a gray thread
* Length: 65cm
* Hand work
Designer note:
Handcrafted, every chain of these has 108 beads, and each bead triggers an energetic frequency.
Some say there are 108 stages of human life.
The truth is that the 108 stones of Mahala are open to interpretation. That we love.
Relaxing and loving in the unique colors. It can be worn long or twice around the neck.

Note that all our jewelry is made by hand-crafted.
And one of its kind, using natural gems, so the jewel can change a little size, shape and color.


* Up to 7 business days for delivery.
Because all the jewelry is made by hand-crafted.

Jewerly care
It is best to keep the jewel from water and chemicals; remove it during administrative activities; to store separately