Jasper Picasso stones bracelet

* Jasper Picasso stones, size 6 mm
* Sterling silver bead


Made by hand on elastic thread for comfortable and simple wearing. The beautiful jasper stone is named after the well-known painter "Pablo Picasso" because it features examples of lines and drawings and asymmetrical geometric shapes reminiscent of his style. Has the ability to connect the wearer to the artistic talents that exist in him, helps to maintain clarity of thought and self-control, increases a sense of respect for the self and others.

* Please note that all our jewelry are handmade
And one of a kind, with the help of using natural gems so the jewelry may vary slightly in size, shape and color.

Jewerly care
It is better to keep the jewelry away from water and chemicals; Remove during exercise; Store separately

This bracelet is made on a stretched elastic thread wrapped in silicone for comfortable wearing on the hand.