Jasper Picasso stones bracelet


* The size of a six-millimeter Picasso.
*Haz silver 925

Designer note:

Handcrafted onto an elastic wire for a simple, simple unison. The geipia jasper is named after the painter Pablo Picasso because it has patterns of lines and drawings and geometric shapes and non-symmetry that secretes his style. Having the ability to connect it to its existing artistic talents, helping to maintain thought and self-control, increases a sense of respect for the self and others.

Note that all our jewelry is made by hand-crafted.
And one of its kind, using natural gems, so the jewel can change a little size, shape and color.

Jewerly care
It is best to keep the jewel from water and chemicals; remove it during administrative activities; to store separately

This bracelet was made on a stretched elastic thread wrapped in a silicone to a comfortable hand on the hand.